Seoul is full if various different cafes not only for people who like drinking coffee, but for anyone regardless of their nationality, tastes, styles and interests. They have themed cafes based on literally everything, from flowers to making phone cases!

We are those kind of people, who like trying out new cafes every time we have a chance. Well, more like I am finding the cafes I want to go to and Gyu just follows along. We can not only relax while having a cup of tasty coffee, but also take beautiful pictures, enjoy the interior design or just simple talk our hearts out in there.

For a long time, I used exploring those places on my own and dragging along Gyu, but after I got to know my lovely girl Nancy, I have a great companion to go to those cafes with.

This time we went to “Comm Comm Bakery Cafe” in Itaewon and since it was a weekend, Gyu joined along. This was a place Nancy introduced us to, so we were glad to follow. Originally, this bakery cafe has a beautiful rooftop terrace, but since weather already got cold, they closed it for the winter season. Unfortunately, we could not go upstairs, but even staying in the main space allowed us to take tons and tons of beautiful pictures. And see? We did not even need to rent a studio! Pictures turned out just fine!

After the cafe, we followed Nancy to the restaurant she knew. That place was a restaurant featured in a new Korean drama “Revolutionary Love”, where Choi Siwon from Super Junior is playing the lead role! Even though in the drama they ate Sundae (intestines) soup there, in the reality, this restaurant does not sell that kind of food. It was quite fortunate for me, since I am not the best, when it comes to eating any kind of food, which smells like intestines. Yes, I am than one weak foreigner! Haha

Please, enjoy our short Vlog type of video and see you next time! ^^