Here’s my Comic Con Seoul Cosplay video. It was a blast to film and make. The event caters to, both, the Korean and English speakers. The event is during the summer, which is very hot and humid. Located inside the COEX, the place is not air condition and can get incredibly hot if you in a costume. I was only able to attend Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday being the finals, and it was so much fun. I brought my camera and asking people if I can get a shot of them on my camera. The place is incredibly small so I always have to watch out for people. My friend works for White Burlesque and I was able to get some good shots with them and store my camera gear. I typical was able to get a better shot if I could speak English to the cosplayer and tell them the pose and the direction Ill be moving the camera. I did recognize some people from last year and they were more than will to help me out. Sunday usually has better cosplay costumes. There were some sick ones, but I think last year had a higher quality. This year had a larger turnout with more average cosplayers. My friend was able to get me tickets in the front, which allowed me to get better shots up front. This year, the zombies vs star wars event was the best. There were some serious star wars cosplayers and they had a pretend battle with zombies. The makeup department had amazing skills did realist makeup. I hope comic con Seoul becomes bigger with a larger international following. If you ask people to take pictures, everyone is really nice. If you search comic con on instagram, you get more posts if you search under 코믹콘 서울 코스프레. Hope to see you next year!