I am always behind on uploading but I finally got this one out. I colored my hair!!!! I decided to just to go for it! I have always wanted to try going blonde since I have never fully gone blonde before and I am so happy I did it. I was really worried that it would totally destroy my hair but it turns out that my hair was a lot stronger than I thought it was. On top of that, the staff at this hair salon did an amazing job as well. The products they used in my hair to make sure it stayed healthy really did the trick.
This was a long 3 and a half hour process! As you can see in the video, we start off by stripping the color out of my hair. This is a long process of just waiting there and hoping that 1 time will do the trick…. Again, as you can see…. it doesn’t do the trick. So they had to go in and strip the color twice. I am very thankful that they didn’t have to do it for a third time hahaha. Once we finished waiting for them to do that, it was time to do the same thing for the roots of my hair. Unfortunately they could only do it to my roots once and left me with 2 different hair colors but they weren’t too different in color so I was happy. While they were doing the roots, they also added in some high lights to make it look a bit more natural. After a long 3 hours, they washed all the chemicals out of my hair and then styled it.
I think I will stick with this color for a bit but already thinking about what I will do next. What do you guys think??? Keep the same are jump into change?
Thanks for watching~