Back in the studio with the beautiful Jane Santiago, one of the Miss Korea finalists last year, and Izzy of Easy Izzy Photography, an aspiring fashion photographer based here in Seoul, shoot a colour concept using colour gels over strobe flashes to create some very beautiful imagery. I took some behind the scenes video footage to share with everyone and begin to hone my video skills by getting some practice filming, creating some b-roll footage for some future projects I have planned with Izzy, and get practice editing and putting the pieces of the project together to form a short entertaining video. I have a lot to go in refining my skills and investing into some gear that will make life easier and less shaky footage. But the video gives you a sneak peak into how shooting in the studio goes and how photographers can work together with models to create some amazing imagery. Stick around to see the final results of the shoot. It was suggested to me to have thoughts from the photographer and thoughts from the model but as this was more of a practice session and b-roll footage capturing I’ll leave the stories for my future video projects. Those projects I will have videos that take steps from start to finish on the concept, theme, directing the shoot, chatting with the makeup artists, the models, showing the wardrobe, the setup of the lights, the shooting, movement, capturing the shots, and followed with final thoughts from everyone and ending with the final results and chat with the photographer. Something we can look forward to soon on the channel. I hope you’ll tune in for that.