Good morning!
This week I wanted to share my exploration of a few stops around Seoul. Please check out my Instagram for more photos of the locations. (Including a grownup ball pit in Seongsu!)
I started Saturday off checking out the original Coffee Prince Café in Hongdae. As a drama fan, it was definitely nice to finally get inside the café. The lattes was pretty good at 7k, but let’s be honest, I was in it for the memories! Be aware that the owner is very intense, come in ready to buy a drink and then take photos.
The next stop was Mustoy Café also in Hongdae and about 30 ft from Coffee Prince. It’s the perfect spot to get away from the rain and humidity. For 15k you get a small toy to decorate and a drink of your choice. I opted for iced tea, since I’d already filled my matcha quota for the day. Don’t forget to get a photo of your doll in the little dioramas they have set up!
On Sunday we headed to Urban Source and Urban Space in Seongsu. They are about 10 ft from each other in the same complex. The café and restaurant are located in a chicly renovated warehouse. But my favorite part was the ball pit at Urban Space. It’s free to enter and seasonal. So head over there soon!
Last stop was Yongma Land. It’s an abandoned Amusement Park near Mangu station. For 5k you can wander around and grab some cool photos. I definitely recommend a taxi up there in this heat or drive if you can. Awesome photos and dystopian view to be found!