The age old dilemma of “What do I wear?”. We have asked ourselves the very same question, especially when it comes to going out. Viewers have asked us in a few videos now as well and we thought it was finally time for us to provide the answers. We are all about visual aids so instead of us just telling you very general items to wear we thought we would show you guys some real life examples. These are tried and true outfits we have actually worn into clubs so we can say that they have worked with utmost confidence! We broke the outfits up into 3 areas in Seoul (Gangnam, Itaewon, & Hongdae) for simplicity purposes. There were no shoes unfortunately since we were inside and we don’t wear shoes indoors in Korea but you can use your best judgement (no mules though – as noted in our other video, shoes should have straps!). If you haven’t already I would also definitely make sure to watch some of our other clubbing related videos so you can be sure you have all the necessary information before you head out for a wild night in Korea. Hope you have a good time and maybe who knows, we might run into each other on a night out! Be safe and have fun!

**Please note these are outfits we have actually worn into clubs but obviously wear what is comfortable for you. You should not feel pressured to wear the same things shown in this video (obviously)**