Today’s blog starts off with me getting some busy work done in the dorms and showing some of the facilities that are there. After we get to the main purpose of the video which was the club festival. Most universities try to recruit new members for their clubs on campus. My university has a festival for everyone to enjoy. We start off at my English club ECHO which i might have a bias for… best club on campus hahaha

I was also able to make some new friends and even meet some of my subscribers during this festival. It was so great to see you guys and I hope that I see lots more as my channel gets bigger.

Last we go to the international part that is held in back gate. It can be really hard to see your international friends on campus unless you have classes with them and maybe you haven’t met many of them. So, this is a great why to meet new people from around the world. Many of them are students from the university but there are also people who are from other campuses too. There are also a few Korean friends as well so I hope if any of you are a student at this university, you go to this international party.

I hope you guys enjoy the video~~