Hello everyone!

Gyu and Agata are back with a new video and another amateur Vlogging attempt! Even though we’re been on hiatus for more than a month, wanted to make a comeback!

Claw machines, also known as Crane Claw Game, are really popular in South Korea. Their popularity have been growing in recent months, or I would say years and everyone play them! Usually in western countries claw games are considered being childish and only parents with little kids do it, but in Korea everyone play them! It doesn’t matter if you’re elementary school student, a young man in your 20s or a middle-aged “ajossi” – feel free to spend your money in those addictive claw machine stores!

Have you ever seen a couple on a date where guy is trying so hard to get a cute Pikachu toy for his beloved one? We see this sight in Seoul everyday! Some people are really lucky to get some cute toys and some of them are unfortunate enough to spend a lot of money and get away with nothing at all…

We’re not going out to win some toys often, but recently more and more claw machines were installed in our neighbourhood, so passing by everyday made us want to join the hype as well! Few weeks ago we decided to go out and have fun! It was all at 11 PM! We played the basketball game, went to a shooting range and spent almost all our money in the claw game! Could you guess if we won anyrhing? Do you think it is worth it? 🙂

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