Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving was a ten day holiday that the president approved. Chuseok fell in line with Hangul day, Korean day. What did you do during your Chuseok Holiday? Many people took advantage of the ten day holiday and traveled outside of Korea. Others stayed in the country and traveled around the country. Whatever you did, you would have had to purchase your tickets way in advance, unless you were willing to pay an arm and a leg for your tickets. Flights during the Chuseok holiday are more expensive because many people travel during this time. Public transportation in the country during this time can be really difficult to purchase because they sell out very quickly. Family all over South Korea travel all around Korea to see their family, friends, or to just travel.

Do you want to know what I did? Well, you can watch my videos and know pretty much exactly what I did. I traveled down south to my friend’s, friend’s house. The house was gigantic and beautiful! The owners’ names are Mariah and Hongi. They are married and plan to open a hagwan, English academy in their home. All we did while on holiday was eat, drink, and have so much fun! It was a well needed holiday full of friends, amazing food, and good times! After I came back from down south, I went to see my family. It was a perfect Chuseok holiday! I hope you enjoy watching my Chuseok 2017 Edition. Please comment, like, and subscribe!

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