So this is the second part of our one day trip with UNESCOKorea. Please check out the first part of this trip on my channel. So after going to the Chungju Taekkyeon Training Center, we headed down to the Chungju World Martial Arts Park. At this park was the World Martial Arts Festival going on with rides for the kids, comedic entertainment for the adults, food booths and the martial arts demonstrations from groups from all over the world. It was awesome to see kids from all over the world coming to this one location to show off their martial arts skills especially here in Korea. I’m glad that they are getting the recognition because this is the where you can find the origins of Taekwondo. The park is very big with a lot to see. The park has been hosting the Martial Arts Festival since 1998. Being at this park made me feel like I missed living in the countryside. The people were much nicer, the environment was quite casual, and the smell of grass made me feel so wonderful. While at the festival, I was able to see some performances from the Philippines, Uzbekistan, and Japan. The demonstrations of the use of weapons were my favorite. Also there were children group performances which were great. They mixed their demonstrations with some K-pop dancing. That was great! Then towards the end of the trip just before I left, I found a food line that was giving out free chicken! It was a long line but I only stayed in it for about 8-10 minutes. As we departed Chungju the tour guides presented us with a small gift. We got a Yut Nori game! It’s a traditional Korean stick game. Over all I had a great time! Hope to be back on another adventure again in the future!