On a new adventure again here with UNESCOKorea. This time we took a tour out to Chungju City in Chungcheongbuk-do Province. This time we explored about the elegance of Korean traditional martial art known as Taekkyeon and also learned about the other traditional martial arts around the world by visiting the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival. Before entering the Taekkyeon Training Center we stopped off for lunch at The Organic Kitchen. This was by far the greatest vegan organic vegetarian buffet. We ate something like meat that wasn’t meat at all. It was so soft and so delicious. Definitely going to try and go back to that place. After lunch then we moved on to the Taekkyeon Training Center. Here, we got a short demonstration about what taekkyeon is and a video explanation about the history. After that it was our turn! We got to dress up in the traditional taekkyeon attire and learned some moves. We practiced on each other and then got some free time to take some pictures outside. I got some great jumping pictures. Check my Instagram (@garrenteed23). The best part of these trips is getting to know new friends and other foreigners here in Korea. The people are always nice and the guides are always amazing. They always take great care of us and make sure that we are well educated about the culture and also to have a good time. I always look forward to doing a tour with UNESCOKorea. I am glad that I could have taken the time to learn about Taekkyeon. I had no idea it even existed!