Finally got a break from the city life! I got an amazing opportunity from SBA and Creative Force to travel to my favorite place in Korea… Gangwondo!!!! I have made one video for Gangneung in the past, which is also located in this area. Why is Gangwondo the best? Well it has crisp air, snow, mountains, lakes, rives, and beaches! It’s a nature lover’s paradise!! Since I came from Canada that is the one thing that I am always craving the most! Gangwondo is to the west of Seoul <3 with cooler weather. This video contains our travels from the first day. We met up in Seoul and took a tour bus into Chuncheon, where we hung out by the lake and tried the sky walk. We then went to try Dalkgalbi, which was already one of my favourite korean foods, but Chuncheon is famous for it! Needless to say it was absolutely delicious. After hanging around Chuncheon we got back on the bus and headed to Pyeongchang, the main host of the olympic games (although the venues are scattered throughout Gangwondo). I am big fan of the mascots lol especially the bear. It was cool to checkout some venues... but the highlight for my Canadian, snow deprived self, was the small patch of snow that all of us ended up frolicking in like children haha. I may have gotten over hype >_>… After this we check into our room… or did I say room? I meant our apartment!!! This place was huge for one night lol and had cozy heated floors! We enjoyed a nice Korean stew for dinner and then hungout with other YouTubers throughout the night! I ended up meeting a lot of amazing people and am so grateful!

Stay tuned for part two on Monday (the better half in my opinion). We get go up a beautiful mountain, create a super strange dance, and get to go back to my favourite city!!! Gangeung!