Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and sometimes spending it in Korea as a foreigner might not be easy.

In most parts of the world Christmas is considered to be a family holiday – time when you forget all your worries, time to forgive and the time to spend time with your loved ones.

But what if you live abroad? This way you might not always have the same experience on this beautiful Holiday! Most of the times, expats who decided to live away from home for one reason or another, tend to come back home, but living in Korea makes it much harded for many of us.

As a Lithuanian in South Korea, I have spent my 3th Christmas abroad. And I know I am not the only one. Living so far from home makes it hard for many of us to come back home for Christmas. First of all, it is the distance, second – there are not enough days off in Korea to make it back home on time.

For this reason or another, many expats in South Korea are left to spend Christmas in Seoul. It wouls be super cool actually, but the main problem is that Christmas in Korea is much different from Christmas back at home. There are no family traditions (if you are not religiously Christian) and Christmas is more of a holidays for couples there.

On December 25th you would see many couple going on a date or taking couple pictures together. There are also some families who spend it together, but it is not as common as back home. Instead, Korea has Chuseok and Lunar New year for that.

In this video we have invited some friends from different countries – Romania, Nigeria, Brazil and the US, to talk about Christmas back at home and their thoughts on Christmas in Korea! I am pretty sure many of you could relate!

Merry Christmas!