What to do if it is Children’s Day in Korea (어린이날) and the weather is perfect? You invite some of your friends, buy some wine in the supermarket close by and head over to the Mangwon Hangang Park (망원 한강 공원) to enjoy the sunny weather. Since all of us had a lot of Korean chicken and beer (chimaek) lately, we decided to try out something new. Something, that most Koreans don’t do. We mixed Chicken and Wine: Chiwa / 치와! In a funny way it worked and altought it isn’t best combo it was still delicious! As usually in Korea you can order the chicken even to publick places like the Mangwon Park, so this is really something I enjoy a lot in Korea. Food even being delivered to outside places. For this manly picknick with chicken and wine, Michin Alex and Skycedi joined me for this easy-going mukbang video. We really enjoyed eating the chicken, drinking the wine (by the way, both wines were really good, we can recommand) and talking about life, friendship and of course Youtube. Of course we were fooling around but we didn’t get wasted at the end. Unlike in my other videos like the Chimaek Madness with my Austrian friend Susanne or the Daylight Drinking at the Gwangjang Market. But still, we had a lot of fun and it was nice to see my friends on the Children’s Day here in South Korea!

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