Korean cosmetic products are making it big all over the world. If fee years ago only those in South-East Asia and people interested in Korean culture knew about the existance of Korean cosmetic products, now everyone are getting crazy about Korean skin care and are trying to learn the secrets of Korean beauty.

Even know much of it comes all the way to the lifestyle, diet and skin care routines, that sometimes can have more stepts than you could count on your fingers, Korean cosmetic product brands also have its’ influence.

Recently I was approached by the Korean cosmetic company called “Candy O’Lady” and despite of the fact that my channel is still really small, they were kind enough to sent me some of their products for a review. To be honest, I have never heard about them before, so I was a little sceptical about accepting the offer, but after researching a little bit more, I came to know that they are legit company.

The products are produced in the labaratories at the plastic surgery clinic and the designs are created by make-up artists who work with them.

I have been sent 2 different products. One of those is Chewy Jelly Cleanser, which basically is just a cleansing foam, to erase your make-up and clean your face after a long day. I really liked it’s packaging, but the products is basically just the simple cleanser.
Second product was the Candy O’Glow peel-off pack. I received the one in the pink packaging and it was called Flamingo. The idea is really cute!

Differently from peel off packs I have tried before, this one was glittery! Even though I thought it looked a bit creepy when I put it on my face, it waa really fun to try it!

Candy O’Lady was the first company which sent me some skincare products for the review, so I was really excited to do this video!^^

Thank you for watching!