Greeting from Hong Kong~!!
For Koreans, Hong Kong is a super popular tourist site! Before leaving Korea, I had so many people give me insights about it from their trips here. And I am always shocked when I walk through certain areas (SOHO, Central, etc.) and hear the predominant language switch from Cantonese to Korean (the Korean tourists here—those that are older, or have families—often come in large tour groups)!
Although when you focus on just pure size, Hong Kong has more area than Seoul, when you start excluding areas like the Mid-levels and the New Territories (which are mainly either predominantly residential areas, or just open land that is beginning to see construction and development), and just look at the main areas, it’s smaller (or at least it feels that way).

Hong Kong is composed of a series of islands in addition to the portion geographically connected to mainland China. The place I stay, Hong Kong Island, is the main island. As I started crossing off more and more places to see on Hong Kong Island, I decided to start visiting some other nearby islands, starting with Cheung Chau Island!

In my video you can follow me as I take the ferry to Cheung Chau, walk around to enjoy some lovely views, and also treat myself to some good eats while there! Although I wasn’t able to try the famous seafood cuisine on the island (you know, money can get tight), I really enjoyed taking in the lovely scenery. Highly recommend visiting!!

For more videos, you can find me on YouTube as AntiEtiquette. I hope you enjoy the video, and I’ll see you on my next one!!