Here is my 2018 cherry blossom video from Seoul Korea. I was able to gather a few shots but not enough to make a full edit. The weather was terrible for the whole weekend and the overcast clouds made the lighting really flat. I first started off near Jamsil Station and did a walk around the lake nearby. Armed with my gimbal, I tried to get the best shots possible. The light kept switching between great and not so great so I had to do the best I could. Luckily I was able to collab with Seattleites Abroad on a few shots. They were great models, expect to see them in the next year at the International French Fashion show. Trying to use my time wisely, I then moved to a nearby campus where the main focus was a renaissance church sitting in the middle of campus. With the weather still terrible, I was able to achieve a few cinematic shots. But because of the weather, the color grading was more difficult because the cherry blossoms blend together. In the afternoon, the sun finally came out but I wanted to head home as my feet were tired. After a long day, I headed home to prepare to film again early the next day but… It rained all day. I had to take what footage I had and salvage it to make a decent edit. This is the ideal video I would have liked to do, but it will have to do for now. Hopefully next year I can make a banger.