Mandu and Den took a trip to Jecheon Cherry Blossoms Festival 2017. Most of foreigners really love to see cherry blossoms in Korea. It’s really beautiful unless you think about it only for couple things.. Jecheon is in North Chungcheong Province. It took us to get there about 3 hours by a bus.

It’s finally Spring in Korea! We did bus tour this time. There were so many events to enjoy, from street markets to Korean traditional samulnori(traditional percussion quartet), Jultagi (tightrope) in the festival. Furthermore, There is no admission fee.

It was little far from Seoul and this festival is not too popular one, compared to others like Busan festival or Yeouido. I heard that my friends who went to see cherry blossoms at Yeouido, could see more people than cherry blossoms. Fortunately, there weren’t crowded much. We were able to have a lot of fun. In the markets, there were so many samples we can try, we couldn’t stop eating. We also had to buy some snacks there. It’s always fun to look around the Street market.

Amanda was the only foreigner in the festival. Even though many people looked at us, but we didn’t care about it. She and I love and enjoy this festival with a bunch of beautiful cherry blossoms.

It was our first time to see Jultagi in person. The team performing it is really famous. They were in the movie, The king of the clown. It was so impressive and we couldn’t believe what we were watching.

Sometimes, Bus tour is the best way to save time, and money as well. It worth trying it! We will probably go to bus tour more often.

Let’s take a small trip with us to amazing pink world in cherry blossoms. For our next video will be about taking a ferry and see around. We also saw 할머니 Dancing with 트로트 Music in the ferry later. Den will sing 트로트 there in the next video. Please watch it when it comes out too. Enjoy it. Thank you!