The video features a tour around all sights of the renowned University of Oxford. I show you my college, where we live, as well as libraries and the town. In these beautiful old buildings, teaching has been conducted for more than 1000 years with conserved ceremonies and traditions. I also show you the dining hall which inspired the Harry Potter dining hall, where I ate dinner every night for three years. I also show you the Oxford Union where I’ve gotten the chance to meet inspirational and interesting people like Ian McKellan, Malala and Super junior (hehe).

I’ve lived and studied at the University for the last 4 years. All the spaces and places in the video are part of great memories and stories with friends and course mates. It feels great to walk around Oxford and show you all this right after a big deadline submission, and luckily the weather was brilliant for being England.

At Oxford academically, I’ve gone from doing a BA in Experimental Psychology with focus on Hypnosis, to currently doing a MSc in Social Sciences of the Internet. I’ve also managed to get some Master courses in Korean on my weekly a schedule as well!

My channel in general is about my life and relation to Korea. It’s a way for me to improve my basic Korean skills through speaking to and with the Korean YouTube. It’s also an opportunity to show anyone who’s interested a bit about my home country Sweden and the Swedish language and culture.

Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂
Love from Love (로베)