Korea vlog, changing visas, D2 to D10 what tob ring. The process of changing a visa in Korea is extremely stressful. Therefore I made a short vlog plus informational video about the process I went through to change my visa from a D2 student visa to a D10 job seeking visa. Hopefully this video will help to ease your nerves a little bit once it will be time for you to change your visa.

Most important thing for you to remember, something I didn’t do, is that you should make an appointment for the immigration office. Since I didn’t make an appointment I ended up waiting a total of 5 hours. In case you do not have an appointment, come to the immigration office right at 9 AM or at 1 PM for a chance on an appointment without forcing you to wait too long.

Once you have made your appointment you need the following things. A recent passport picture, a copy of your passport and your arc front and back and your ARC. (ARC is alien registration card). Proof of graduation, a list with your grades (if it is below a 3.5 grade point average you need a recommendation letter from your dean). And your housing contract. Besides this you also need to fill out two forms, one is the standard change of visa status form, and the other is a the form of seeking employment, in which you have to fill out what your plan is to find a job per month for the next 6 months. I hope this video gives you all the information you need.