Hello! I have had a short hiatus haha but I posted a video of basically what I have been up to this month! There is a Canadian bar in Seoul called Canucks so I decided to head there on Canada day to let my patriotic soul run wild :D!! IT WAS AMAZING. Lol it was so obnoxiously Canadian and I loved it!! They had all the Canada classics like poutine, nanaimo bars, Toutiere, and beaver tails! For this trip we tried the simple poutine and this UNREAL pork belly. Guys… it was SOOOO good! I am going back 100%! If anyone wants to be extra Canadian with me then let’s go together haha.

The second part of this video is the rainy season and work x.x ohh man the rain!!! So much rain!!! There has been non-stop rain and lightning and thunder these days. It’s a little bit enjoyable because it is giving me a break from the hellish humidity that Seoul is plagued with in the summer!

Also me and Jay hit up a place called “Wink” which has bottomless mimosas and brunch on the weekend! It was my second time going there and once again I was very happy! For those who haven’t had a mimosa it is orange juice mixed with champagne and it is everything I love in a glass. It is fun to be a fancy bisshh every once in a while. The price for the mimosa deal is 20,000won for 2hrs!! Super good considering a glass costs around 6,000won-10,000won.

I hope you enjoy this video! I will be uploading another one this week about this super cozy and cool comic cafe near Hanyang University! That place is really unreal and me and Jay constantly go there and just lay around and read comics all day long!