Can men and women be best friends? I know that this question has been asked millions of time before but things are changing drastically and so are the thinking of people. There was a time people could not imagine homosexual marriage taking place. But now in certain countries we could see that it is legally accepted.

Therefore, I thought it would be nice to go out and find what people think about this question in 2018. One of the reasons that I also thought of this topic was because many of my friends think that Koreans do not believe in that. But through the interviews you will found out that many Koreans do believe that friendship between male and female is possible.

I know this topic is a bit complicated but it is always interesting to discuss such topics since it happens in our society and we can’t deny the fact. I believe instead of avoiding it is better to discuss and find out new perspectives and new ideas.

I would really appreciate if you have experiences of having best friends from the opposite sex and what were your experiences. Also have you ever fallen in love with your best friend? Was your boyfriend or girlfriend okay with you have a best friend from the opposite sex? I would really appreciate if you could participate in the discussion to learn about this topic. If you have any other suggestion or criticism, I would appreciate that too. Thanks for always being awesome.