I never really did much over the summer when my brother left so I decided to take one last trip to end it all. My friend and I decided to go to Camptong Island which is a place that is right outside of Seoul. It had soooo many fun things to do there. We decided we had to at least try everything once since we got an all day pass.

We got there, put out bags into a locker, then headed out to start swimming. The best part about this place is the fact that the water is actually deep. You can actually go swimming in the water and your feet won’t touch the ground. That doesn’t seem too exciting until you realize that almost everywhere in Korea has shallow water or is too crowded for you to actually swim. I think at one point I just sat in the water because I was so happy I couldn’t touch the ground. If swimming in the Lake/river we were in isn’t your thing, they also have a pool that you can swim in too. There were a lot of little kids there that were swimming in the pool.

The food was a bit pricy but that is to be expected at a place like this. They have a resturant on the 2nd floor and even a cafe when you first walk in. This place has everything you would need. There are even rooms you can stay in if you want to pay a bit extra.
Anyways they had water slides we could slide down (one that is super fast where you can’t even plug your nose). There was also obstacle courses that you can run through. My friend was super good at that one…. me not so much haha. Plus there was boat rides that had you going so fast you might as well be flying. All in all I would say that this place is 100% worth going to now or next summer if you are in Korea.
Want more info about the place, check out the description in the bio. Thanks for watching