Korea is a country well known for the variety of coffee shops it offers to the citizens and guests of the country. If you meet your Korean friends, at some point you are going to end up in some kind of cafe, let it be Starbucks, Twosome Place or something more unique and much more interesting than a normal franchise.

Korea is rich not only with the variety of different flavored coffee, but it also gives us a perfect opportunity to visit a variety of dofferent themed cafes, make unforgettable memories and take tons of beautiful pictures or our desserts and interior design.

Even though cat and dog cafes were hot back in the day, Korea has taken in to the next level – you can find a themed cafe for basically everything you can think of!

This time we have visited cozy cafe just out of Seoul. Back in Gyeonggi-do, further from Seouls busy life, there is a beautiful place called “Dreamy Camera Cafe”.

One family with big dreams have always wanted to startca cafe business and made their dream come true few years ago, by building a big camera-like construction and turning into a coffee shop, where you can feel like in a dream. They also offer a service where you write down your dreams on a piece of paper and they make it into a small picture which you can carry with yourself to remind you about your goals 🙂

Even though dreamy camera is a little bit far from the centre of Seoul, it is definitely worth it, to make a trip there!

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