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Alex and Marco visit Busan for an unforgettable mini-vacation! And part one starts at one of the lesser known spots in Busan ~ Ibagu-gil (이바구길). Ibagu-gil, meaning “Story Way,” is a couple of back alleys in Busan that lead up to a beautiful view of the city at the top. It’s actually pretty easy to get to from the KTX train station. Cross the street from the main exit and keep going uphill. Then turn “ehhh”…then “ehhhh”…then “ehhhh” ~ watch the video and you’ll understand.^^

There’s a monorail when you get halfway up the hill, and it’s really not too bad (if it’s not the middle of summer). Get to the top of the hill and be rewarded with a nice cold coffee and a beautiful view of the city that extends out to the ocean. And on your way up, don’t forget to check out the cool murals on the wall and the stories of some of the famous people from Busan!

Check it out as part of your Busan adventure. Because don’t forget: One of the goals of the Michin Alex channel is to take you to places you didn’t know about or you didn’t know were worth your time. What do you think about Ibagu-gil???

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One of the reasons I started my YouTube channel was to challenge myself (and others) to find non-drinking options of things to do around Seoul. I get tired of going to the same bars every week, and this is a way to change it up! If you have any suggestions of other places to go to that are not focused on drinking, let me know! I’d love to give it a try.

Peace, love, and kimchi to all!

~ Michin Alex ~