My friend Susanne stopped by in Seoul, South Korea, on her way back home to Austria and of course I showed her some tourist attractions and introduced her to some Korean food. On her first day in Korea we went to the Traditional Bukchon Hanok Village, exploring the Hanok Village, eating some Ddeok 떡, taking tons of pictures and enjoying the Korean Traditional Architecture. We made a small tour from one side to the other side and had a great time. After watching all the Traditional buildings, guest houses, etc, we decided to take a small rest in a Traditional Bukchon Hanok Village Tea House, where we met a lovely couple on her trip here in Korea as well. We had such a great time that we decided to spend the evening together and went out for some Korean BBQ at the end. We really had a lot of fun!

If you come to South Korea and you want to do some sightseeing, making a Bukchon Hanok Village Tour & enjoying some Traditional Tea House is a must! Exploring this area is really fun and you always find something new and interesting.

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