As we know we all know that cosmetic surgery is a huge industry in South Korea. Not just the locals but people all around the world come to get plastic surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons. As we around Sinsa station we see many huge commercial sign boards regarding different sort of cosmetic surgeries.
A lot of girls wants to have breast augmentation and many clinics in South Korea offers that surgery costing around 8000,000 Won.

Since my channel is about dating. I asked guys what if their girlfriends want to have breast augmentation. Or what do guy think about breast augmentation in general. Most of the guys that I interviewed do not favor breast augmentation. However, they mentioned if their girlfriends really want to do it they won’t oppose it. But deep down they mentioned that they prefer girl to have their natural body.

The interview took place in Hongdae. There is also a very special performance from a percussion band. It’s pretty short but hopefully you will enjoy it.

After the watching the video I would appreciate if you guys could also participate in the discussion by leaving a comment and what do you guys think about breast augmentation. I know that my interviews are bit funny sometimes, but I do not make these interviews to make fun of anyone. Sometimes my Korean skills are not good enough if I something rude please consider that I am not doing it intentionally. Please do let me know what you guys think about this topic. Thanks!