Hey guys! Perdida en Corea/ Lost in Korea here!
My channel is focused in sharing all the experience that I had have in Korea with my beautiful audience, which is mostly Spanish Speaking. We have cover all range of topics, that goes from Vlogging, interviewing actors, challenges, touristic places and much more. All the content is in Spanish and some of the videos have English subtitles. Since I really wanted to share this video with the whole community. I got the English subtitles done!!!!
We had a very special guest for this video! He is Andres, Andres is 100% Korean, However he is deeply in love with Latin American culture, He studied Latin literature and is incredibly fluent in Spanish for someone that never lived in Spain or Latin America. This day he came to our place to enjoy Latin food, share with some other friends, and finally we did a video which is totally hilarious.
We all know that guys usually change when they are in a Boyfriend/Girlfriend relationship vs when they are already married. In this sense, the video topic compares in a funny way the behavior of Korean men when dating, and when they are long time together already.
So you will see, the same situation twice and how the men acts when he is trying to conquer the girl’s love vs when he already had earn that love a long time ago!
Please do not take the video very serious, it’s just a funny representation of some cases and we do not intend to generalize or offend anyone.
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