Hello there everyone! This is Kenny and Lara.
For our second video (real video…) we decided to show you guys our “intellectual” side. So this week we went to a Book Café. It is something quite rare (or that is what Lara says) but we enjoyed it so much! This book café is located in Hongdae in the exit 3, very VERY convenient.
We also know that it looks like we are promoting the café or getting paid to do the video but (unfortunately) we are not sponsored, we just genuinely loooooved the place so much.
The drinks are AMAZING (some places have no idea how to make a matcha tea latte, but this guys know what they are doing).
To be honest, we should really go back to this café without cameras since we spent more time recording and taking Instagram pictures than actually reading any of the amazing books they have in there.
Also, in this HOT AS HELL summer, the AC is a blessing and this place is cool in both style and temperature wise.
So if you want to hang out around Hongdae but do not want to suffer the heat and people and crowded streets, if you need to wait for someone around the area and somehow you have to kill some time or if you just want to escape the noise and fast speed of the city and go to a quiet place where you can read or work or just chill, we really recommend you to go to any book café (we like this one specifically, but there are plenty of them around Seoul lately).
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