Hugh’s amazing transformation!

This video is the culmination of 6 months of hard work! Hugh decided he was finally going to get into shape. This time for real. He made sure he had a trainer and he worked super hard changing his whole lifestyle. The called this project ‘The Last Chance’ so it would be his motivation. It’s easy to say “later” when you think you have lots of time, but he told himself “You are getting old, you have no time.”

We have a baby on the way so it was even more motivation so he can be a healthy father. In this video he talk about his past and always being the ‘fat kid’. He documented his process, especially the first hard weeks. His trainer Yoojin was especially hard on him, but he needed it.

In Korea when someone reaches a certain fitness goal they get what is called a “body profile photo” where they hire a professional photographer to take photos of them. Hugh had this goal as well, and it kept him motivated right to the end. He changed his hairstyle and had eyebrows tattooed as well. There was also a makeup artist that helped him get ready for his photoshoot. It was a great reward after months of hard work.

Since it’s a whole lifestyle change he is still eating healthily, just not as extreme as the last few weeks of the project. He still also trains regularly with his trainer. The comments on YouTube have been wonderful as well. So many people have said that he inspired them to get healthy too.

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There is also a short version of the video: