Body changes and 24 hour gyms in Korea?

Hugh gives an update on his weight loss progress! He has achieved so much and looks so different now. Several times friends have not even recognized him at events or on the street. In this video I ask him how much has changed and how he is feeling. He also filmed a gym session with his trainer Yoojin that they did very late at night.

Gym culture is relatively new in Korea, but many gyms cater to the late night Korean culture. They expected there to be not many people at the gym after midnight but there were still plenty of people there. Though as you can see, things get a bit more crazy mood-wise that late at night!
Hugh said it was good motivation to see so many other people working out at that time. Sometimes the hardest part if just actually getting to the gym. His gym is not too far from where we live, which has helped a lot.

The reason why Hugh called this project “The Last Chance” was so that it motivated him even more. Instead of just putting it off. His 30’s are going by quickly and it’s easier to make these drastic changes now, rather than in his 40’s or 50’s. It has also been good timing with a baby now on the way, as he can be a healthier father. Also these intense gym sessions won’t be as frequent once we have a new born baby.

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