First time posting a video of ours on this weekly thread!
My boyfriend and I met up with Rachel and Andy (another international couple who lives in Korea-and also happen to have a YouTube channel-Rachel Rose Diary) and we went on our very first double date here!
Saturday nights in Hongdae are crazy as I’m sure most of you know, but despite all the people we had tons of fun playing at a board game cafe. The streets of Hongdae were packed with people from all over the world it seemed. It was lively and the music from the buskers filled the nerby restaurants. Before playing board games, we grabbed dinner at a bbq restaurant that had a very unique design. The entrance had a door small enough to only fit a child (meaning yes you had to duck to squeeze inside) but once inside there were empty bottles and fairy lights that illuminated the grudge. (Saying that as a compliment because the inside was stunning) The bbq set we ordered came with pig skin! That was my first time actually seeing it on a menu and I was genuinely surprised about the process of cooking it and how to tell when it was ready to be eaten.
After dinner: This video features Hiro Board Game Cafe in Hondage and charges only 2,400won per hour per person. They have tons of board games, darts and pool tables-even though it was a busy night there were still plenty of games and chances to play.
Double dating in Seoul was exciting and refreshing. Please check out our video