Hello everyone,
My name is Janson Tow. I’m a Singaporean and I have been in Korea for close to a year. I been to many places such as Gangnam, Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gyeongbokgung, and other famous places in Seoul. However, I realised i have yet to travel to Busan. So the next thing i knew i got the ticket and was in the train to busan. Writing about it, did you watched Train to Busan movie?

I planned out a few places to travel while at Busan. One of the place was in Gwangalli beach. If you like being at the beach you will like this place.

I was really lucky as the only night i stayed at Gwangalli beach was the night black panther was filming. It was one of the 3 landmarks including the Gwangalli beach, Gwangan Bridge, and the Jagalchi fish market near Nampodong that will be used in the movie. This is a short vlog of the day, i took a short footage of the filming going on at the end.

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