That’s right. Big Balls in Korea. Big Balls with Lara and Alex.

If you’re someone that loves traveling, Jeju Island, occasionally feeling like your drowning, and making lots of stupid jokes about the name of this place, then DO I HAVE THE PLACE FOR YOU!
Welcome to Big Ball Land on Jeju Island in South Korea.

You’ve got two options here, and this video shows you the option that doesn’t make you sick, but might induce the sensation of “OMG THIS IS AWESOME! WAIT, I CAN’T BREATHE! AHHH! DUDE, that was cool.”

So check out the water-filled “Big Ball.” There are some pros and cons:

– Get an excuse to get wet with that special guy or girl you’re interested in (fyi, not Lara and me – we got our own separate love interests going on)
– Get to make awkward jokes about getting wet in a big ball.
– Pretty exciting if you like thrill rides.

– Shorter than expected (although, any longer, and it might induce feelings of actually drowning)
– Feelings of “OMG I can’t breathe” (but it’s not that long)
– Especially for men, expect to encounter smaller balls (the water is freakin’ cold)
– 30,000 won ($28) for one ride

But all-in-all, I think it’s totally worth it. If you add this is with option two (the ball the you strap into and you do flips over and over again to the bottom of the hill), then it’s 50,000 won ($45) for the package, it’s not too bad.

It is kind of far from touristy spots, so you’ll probably need a taxi or a car to get there. But what the heck – it’s definitely worth the view and the crazy experience that you too can put up on YouTube (or at least you get to #hashtag #bigballs all up on that Instagram).

Y’all be good now!

Goodbye Ha Say YO!