Hello! I am a huge tea lover and have been going to this place for 2 years now to get my tea fix and I decided to film and share it! This is my favorite tea shop in Seoul! It is mostly medicine based and all the food and teas are really healthy. I really love the atmosphere here because it is really bright and you are surrounded by fresh flowers (they change the flowers daily!). I come here occasionally to study because it is really bright and quiet as well! There are two locations but I have only been to the Apgujeong branch! If you go to the other one then please let me know what you think! Also I forgot to mention that if you order food you can get a “refillable tea of the day”. If anyone checks this place out then let me know your thoughts!

My Channel:
Hello and welcome to my channel! I started making Youtube videos to keep my family and friends involved in my life. I have been living in Korea for 4 years now! I first came in 2012 as an exchange student and intern at Kyungpook National University. After that year I went home to graduate uni in Canada and I met my boyfriend and soon to be husband Jay! We decided to come back to Korea in 2014 and now I am studying at Graduate School in Korea and teaching English. I want to document as much of my life as possible while I am living here and I hope that others can enjoy my videos as well! I currently upload once a week but occasionally I upload two.