I usually get Pepero from people I know on Pepero day. However, this year I tried a different approach. I went to Hongdae and gave random people Pepero who didn’t receive. My target was the old ladies who have their food stalls on the roadside, who usually sell tapoki. On asking if they have received any pepero, all of them replied they haven’t. So when I handed them a pepero there was this magic in the air that I can’t explain.

The experience was amazing. Whenever I handed a Pepero they return back a smile that was priceless. I was so there were some people who didn’t receive it because they were too shy or work didn’t allow and others just thought I was weird.

The purpose of making this video was to make people smile and laugh. I was able to accomplish my goal almost 99%. Another reason was to bring awareness that we sometimes ignore people around us because of our busy life. I hope through this video we start to notice people around us who might not be huge celebrity but they do have a part in our lives (providing food when we are hungry).
I especially composed a song for the old ladies who make tapoki to thank them. I know it’s their job and they earn money but I wanted to say thank “you” to them for their hard work and providing us with such a delicious food. I hope after watching this video people may get encouraged to share and give more than always expecting to receive or get something.