If you’re anything like me, your sweet tooth is always looking for the best dessert. Living in Seoul, I’ve had my fair share of disappointing sweet treats. Today, I took off to find the best cookie in Itaewon.

For this video, I visited four different bakeries in the Itaewon/Kyungridan area.
The first cookie shop is called ‘Ben’s Cookies’. This place has been around for a few years. It’s an international company with branches in Seoul, and throughout the world. I went for two flavors: triple chocolate chunk, and white macadamia nut. The cookies from ‘Ben’s Cookie’ were moist, with just the right amount of sweetness, without being over-powering.

The next place I visited was “Cookie Monster” in Kyungridan. This place had the most unique flavor profiles. I went for a butterscotch and pink Himalayan salt cookie, as well as a S’mores cookie. Both cookies were delicious, with the S’mores cookie being just a tad better than the other. It is topped with roasted marshmallow, as well as graham cracker and a chunk of chocolate.

The third place I visited was ‘Kervan’. This is a Turkish bakery and restaurant. While they are probably best known for their baklava, I went with a sampler pack of cookies. A few were a bit too dry for my liking, but the coconut cookie was lovely. The outside is crisp, while the inside is full of moist coconut. The only negative thing about this is that the sampler pack only came with one coconut cookie.

The fourth and final place was called ‘DalDal Hanib’. I was actually looking for another cookie place, but it seems that that place is closed. This establishment serves scones and other baked goods. They informed me that their product was a mix between a cookie and a cake. I went for the Earl Grey tea flavor. It was nice and moist, and had a good cream filling. However, it is a stretch to consider this anything other than a mini-cupcake. Delicious, none-the-less.

So which of these took the title of “The Best Cookie in Itaewon”? You’ll have to watch to find out!

If you would like to try these places for yourself, you can visit them at:
– Ben’s Cookies: http://www.benscookies.co.kr/
– Cookie Monster: (IG) @cookiemonster.official
– Kervan: https://www.kervan.co.kr/
– DalDal Hanib: (IG) #daldal.hanib