What’s everyone! This is Mike and I had to honor and privilege of interviewing my friend and fellow YouTuber, Tonya aka Msblackoreanlady. She is such an awesome person and has a lot to say about her experiences living in South Korea as a woman of mixed Korean and African American heritage. Originally from the US, Tonya has been living in South Korea for a few years now. I have to say that it was a very eye opening exchange. I have friends who are of mixed heritage, but this was my first time chatting with someone who was mixed with African American and Korean blood while living in South Korea! We talked about light topics such as sports teams to heavier topics such as discrimination and cultural identity. It is not common for people to sit down and here the perspective of someone that is part of the minority and the majority. If you are in the mood for not only learning about Korean culture, but also the people intertwined with it from different walks of life, this interview will keep you interested from beginning to end. Please make sure you subscribe to the channel for weekly videos that dive deeper into Korean culture with a cinematic touch. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (Mikwondo) and Twitter (Mikwondo86). I also have a Facebook page that you can follow to keep up with random posts by me during the week. Y’all take care and have an awesome rest of the week!