Hi my name’s Shannen aka #SHANNENigans and I’m a Filipina YouTuber who has recently been interested in the Korean culture. I was immediately drawn to the culture first because of the KDRAMA and KPOP trend that I’ve seen on the internet. There’s something about Korean culture that I was so interested in and I wanted to immerse myself even more to learning about Korea-all while injecting and loving my roots of being a Filipino.

I’ve recently got back in the KPOP bandwagon after a very very very long hiatus of not listening to KPOP. I love fashion, beauty and Korean culture so why not mix both? So those of you who are SNSD/Girls Generation fans out there, I’m sharing to you guys my first ever makeup tutorial inspired by Tiffany of Girls Generation from their 10th Anniversary comeback music video “Holiday”- which I can’t stop listening and dancing too. Lol Tiffany became my instant bias the first time around and it was fitting to pay tribute to her by doing a simple makeup tutorial using just 10 products. I’m no makeup or beauty expert- I was just fully inspired to do a simple homage to my SNSD bias for her 10th Anniversary comeback. Check out my #SHANNENigans in this video and how 10 makeup products can make such a difference to becoming a KPOP idol. I had a lot of fun just showing the inner KPOP idol self and trying to look all girly, prim and proper. Lol. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you guys think <3