As weather in Seoul is getting colder and colder, we have decided to spend some time outside, while it is still possible. Both of us are staying indoors a lot and we feel like it is affecting our health and overall wellbeing quite a lot, so we decided to move a little bit.

In Seoul (and other cities as well) people can use various workout equipment for free. Those equipments are installed in most parks, resting areas and riversides. Even though it is not as professional and helpful as going to an actual gym, but it could be a great alternative for the people who are too busy to hit the gym or are on tight budget.

You can usually see many middle-aged and eldery people going out to the parks and working out. Maybe this is the secret of the Asian longevity? Even grandmas and grandpas are staying active by going outside, moving their bodies and breathibg some fresh air, instead of staying at home and burning their eyes in front of the TV.

We have decided, that every time we have some free time, we will go out to the park in our neighbourhood and stay at least a little bit more active.

We have some badminton rackets at home, so we decided to bring those out as well. Can you guess, who won the match?

We had a lot of fun filming this video and spending some quality time together, even though the weather is getting more and more freezing.

As always, thank you for watching!
Be careful not to catch a cold and see you in the next video!