Baby Mukbang!

This is our final Emart sponsor video. Emart have been really great sponsors to have, a pleasure to work with and it’s been fun making these videos. We decided that our son Yul should do a mukbang for our final video. Emart has a good range of western style food, so we decided to make him both Korean and western food for this mukbang, to see what he likes to eat best. (Spoiler: he likes to mix them. FUSION!).

We let Yul feed himself and have done for a while. Though in Korea it’s common for parents to still spoon feed their kids at this age (and way beyond). Yul makes a big mess when eating but he also eats the things he wants to eat and finishes when he wants to finish. For me as a parent it’s more comfortable that way, rather than trying to force him to eat. In the video you can see he has a healthy appetite too. Hugh lets him eat like this as well, rather than the more Korean way. As parents in an intercultural family we work out which elements of each culture we want. In western culture it’s usual for a toddler to be able to somewhat feed themselves at Yul’s age and he transitioned to eating by himself without any hassle. If people liked seeing him doing a mukbang, we can make more videos as he tries and explores more foods. I still haven’t given him the Australian vegemite, so that may be coming soon!