Hello everyone this is Senem from AnnyongChinguTR…
Korea and Turkey consider eachother as a brother country because of the relations in history, specially because of Korean War.
Turkey was the 2nd country to come to Korea to help in the Korean War. We were a new nation and the memories of being in war was still fresh for Turkish people back then. That’s because Turkish Soldiers were really passioned about defending South Korea.
Couple of years ago both Turkey and Korea media learned a very emotional story about Korean war.

A Turkish soldier in his 20’s (Süleyman Dilbirliği) saved a 4 years old lonely little Korean girl. She was about to freeze from cold, scared, dirty, hungry and alone. That soldier took care of that little girl during the war like a father and named her Ayla which means the light that you can see around the moon. (Turkish flag has moon and star) His duty finished and he wanted to bring Ayla to the Turkey but Korea didn’t allowed him. And they lost eachother like this. After 60 years later they found eachother.
This story became a scenario and the shootings of the movie finished couple of days ago.
I was invited to the shootings in Seoul and this video is the trailer of my behind the scenes videos of Ayla the movie.

Ayla will be release in both county at October 2017. Don’t forget the like and share this video. I hope you will enjoy this video.