Hey everyone!

Alex and Mike (Mikole) are hanging out with the Arirang TV film crew on the Han River! It’s spring, the perfect time of year to set up a picnic…and the added bonus of filming with Arirang means ~ ~ ~ we get to act like total dorks.

Check out our picnic as we grab some delicious grub, act like children playing catch in slow motion, and pretend we have cinematic expertise in our tribute to the Korean movie 괴물 – “Host”.

The place we went to was called Mangwon Park (망원한강공원) – it’s not as popular as the other parks around Seoul, but it’s small, so it will still get crowded if you don’t get there early enough on the weekend. It’s about a 10 minute walk away from the Mangwon subway station on line 6. Be sure to check it out whenever you have a free afternoon or weekend!

I’m not going to lie – if I didn’t have to work and chicken + beer never made us gain weight, I would be on the Han River every single day. It is without a doubt my favorite way to relax in the summer in Seoul.

Alex Sigrist currently is working in Korea as a TV personality, radio host and producer, and a YouTuber. Don’t forget to check him out on his YouTube channel – 미국친구 Michin Alex – and his Instagram (also michinalex) to see what he does in his daily life in Korea.

Michael is a YouTuber, actor, Suwon iTV personality, aspiring film director. His YouTube Channel is Mikole at https://www.youtube.com/user/GTcO
Instagram: Mikwondo

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