Korea is well known for many different types of festivals. Though many of these festivals take place in Seoul, there are many awesome festivals in many other places in Korea. In this vlog, me and my friend Hyejeong decided to check out Daejeon’s annual 견우직녀축제, which was held at Expo Park. This park is known to have one of Daejeon’s primary landmarks, the Expo bridge.

This festival has an interesting fictional backstory that involves a man named Gyunwoo (견우) and his lover Jingyuh (직녀). It’s a story that starts with the couple who were happily together, but due to Gyunwoo’s negative actions, God separated the two. From that point forward, they were only allowed to see each other once a year. This is the reason why this festival is held annually in Daejeon and singles are encouraged to attend so they can find their love there too.

We enjoyed delicious food from the food trucks that were there. Chicken and Beer (치맥) over the river on the bridge during sunset is an amazing experience. Soon after, we experienced a lot of the games and activities that the festival had to offer, including a dance battle, hula hoop competition, and even a screaming contest! The highlight of the event was a concert performance from one of Korea’s most famous trot singers and fellow YouTubers, Hong Jin Young (홍진영). The performance was awesome!

After the concert performance, we ended the night with the after party with high energy music, dancing, and some more beer. We were also able to end the evening with some awesome fireworks over the Expo bridge. This festival was a great experience and I highly recommend any near Daejeon to check it out next year!