Taste videos and reactions videos are quite popular in Korea at the moment. I don’t often make this style of video however since I’ve received a lot of requests and they are quite fun to make I thought it was about time to make another! It’s a little hard to find good ddeokbokki (떡볶이) or spicy rice cakes, in Brisbane, Australia so I decided to make my own for some friends to try! I learnt to make ddeokbokki a year or so ago since it’s one of my favourite Korean foods and something that I have to eat a couple of times whenever I go to Korea. It was really interesting seeing how the boys reacted to trying these, four of the boys know nearly nothing about Korea so I was surprised at how some of them reacted. I thought none of them would enjoy it but the response was really varied, Josh in particular impressed me. He’s always been the open minded type and loves anything home cooked as well, even so I assumed he would have an issue with the chewy texture, that was his favourite part though!

One of my favourite parts of this video is when I can see my friends changing their minds about Korean food. I personally think it’s a wonderful trait in a person to be open to new cultures and new food. Although this video is just a bit of fun showing how foreigners react to Korean traditional dishes, hopefully it also shows that people can change their minds and opinions.