There are many ATVing locations in South Korea. There are quite a few on the outskirts of Seoul. After doing some research and asking my Korean friends, my sister and I decided to check out the location in Gapyeong. We found one right outside of Gapyeong Station (가평역). This station can be reached by an ITX from any of the stations on the Gyeongchun (경춘선) subway line.
The ITXs that run on this line are really cool. They are double decker. So, if you have yet to see a double decker train in Korea, this is an added benefit to checking out this ATVing location!

I called ahead to reserve a large group. Since we had a larger group, they were able to give us a little discount. (because we asked ^_^) I was required to make a deposit to hold our spot. That deposit went towards the admission price.

The guides took us on the water trail because we thought driving through water would be more fun! We first thought that we didn’t want a guide. However, the guide was mandatory. But it was fine. We were still able to kind of go around on our own.

There are a few different courses and different difficulty levels as well. There are three levels of mountain course, one water course, and full course options.

This was such a great time with great people!
If you are able to go, I highly recommend it! Although it is a little trek to get there, it is totally worth it!

When recording this video, I used my action camera, the Ghost Drift. I didn’t have any attachments so I put it under my chin in the strap of the helmet. It seemed to work perfectly!

Gapyeong ATV location personal cellphone number:

(Have a Korean translator or friend help make reservations)