Hey guys! Hope you are all having a fantastic week. Some of you may know I have been on Arirang radio every week for a bit now and we just entered a new season… and I’m still part of the team! It has been a lot of fun showing up and doing live shows and to know I get to keep doing it is just awesome.

One thing of note, we are rebranding our segment and it will someone follow after the Seoul slogan and the segment is now called “I Culture U”. We will continue our discussions about differences in our cultures but slightly different. There might also be debates as we all have different opinions about how to do things so we are all very excited at Catch The Wave.

This episode, we discussed moving processes in Korea as well as in our own countries. Bronwyn discusses what they do in South Africa as I discussed how we move in the States. We also chat about our own experiences with moving (the good and the bad) while in Korea.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and if you had any topics you think we should cover, we are always open to suggestions!

Thanks for watching and be sure to tune in to the live version every Monday from 7pm to 8pm on Arirang Radio. As well as check out Catch the Wave daily from 6pm to 8pm Monday through Friday with your host Jay Park. Enjoy!