This is a video I knew I needed to make, considering all the questions I have received about it from friends and strangers alike. And for foreigners interested in going to Korea (or East Asia, or really any country where you don’t look like the local population), it is a reasonable curiosity to have. But instead of presenting it in a sensationalized manner like many others do, I have really attempted to break things down a bit. As an American, I know that we often get really caught up on this r-word, considering how much it has contributed to historical policies and social structures that very much persist until today.
In the video I talk about particular factors that come into play when considering the question “are Koreans racist”; these include homogeneity, stereotypes, beauty standards and ignorance. Do you think I missed any points? Let me know!!
One very special note I wanted to mention that didn’t make the film cut: At the end of the day, don’t let the way you look relative to others deter you from living your life. Whether that means traveling or whatever other endeavors you seek–YOU DO YOU!! Things like skin color or hair texture are superficial measures that humans have unfortunately centered a lot of scrutiny around, but don’t let this stop you from going after whatever you’d like!
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