While I was in LA, America at the beginning of this year I decided to to check out Alfred Tea, a bubble tea (or boba tea as they say there) cafe. I like to consider myself a bubble tea expert on account of my many years drinking it and this place really surprised me. The atmosphere of the shop is so lovely and the drinks are just as good. We ordered the matcha bubble tea and rose milk tea along with some pastries. I was pretty skeptical about the rose milk tea because I’ve never particularly enjoyed heavy floral flavours in drinks however it turned out to be amazing! I’ve never seen rose milk tea before or since then, I’m sure it exist but I’m yet to find it. I highly recommend taking the time to go to Alfred Tea and try it if you’re in LA. The rest of the drinks on the menu all looked fantastic and unique too, I’m sure if I lived in LA I would slowly make my way through them all.

Worth a mention too is the pastries that you can buy there. I’m not sure who they get them from but wow. Just wow. I would say I have reasonably high standards when it comes to pastries, being someone who likes to bake myself, and often I don’t even buy them because they tend to fall short of expectations. Alfred Tea’s pastries though are worth every dollar, the matcha almond croissant was one of the best croissants I’ve ever eaten. I think it’s success lies in the fact that they didn’t go crazy on the toppings or fillings. Flavoured croissants can sometimes stray into sickly sweet territory when they get filled with custard and then covered in icing, but not the ones at Alfred Tea. The filling was a thin almond/green tea mixture with the top dusted with matcha powder and flaked almonds. Alfred tea does a great job of keeping the ingredients simple and letting them shine.

Alfred Tea
Website: https://www.alfredtea.com/
Address: 705 N Alfred Street, Los Angeles, 90069.