Hello everyone!
We’re Korean-Lithuanian couple who have just started their owb Youtube Chanel and is experimenting with what kind of videos we’re making.
Even though we’re completely new to Youtube, we will be trying our best to provide some interesting footage for our friends, family and followers who might take interest in our simple life. We’re not professional Youtubers and for the time being we’re focusing on our own interests and trying to find our own way in this social media platform.

We have started our chanel just few months ago and now after almost 3 weeks hiatus we’re back with short footage from the Lotte Tower firewowork show.

For the occasion of opening the tallest builing in Seoul – Lotte Tower, firework show was set on April 2nd, 2017. We heard about this event just one day before and came there without any actual planning. This is one of the reasons we did not take out tripod and did not catch the best seat. Even though we have arrived early, hoping to reserve a great spot to observe the fireworks and get some good footage, there were already tons of people (they have waited since morning, huh?) which made it stresfull to walk around the lake, so we moved to farther place. Therefore, since Gyu is the real map master, as he likes to call himself, he managed to find a nice place nearby, where we could observe fireworks comfortably sitting down. Even though it was hard shooting without most of the ecquipment, we felt sorry for delaying in our regular uploads and wanted to share this short but magical moment with everyone.

From next week we will start uploading regularly again. We got busy working and managining our personal life, but this is not an excuse, so please be patient and wait for more videos. The weather is getting better and we’re excited to come out to film videos again. Also, since Gyu is a photographer we’re planning for the fun event with cherry blossoms and photoshooting! We would be thankful for your support in the future!